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National Finders Services, Inc. is a New York based company founded in 1986 (as National Finders Service) for the purpose of helping individuals, small businesses and corporations claim the assets that rightfully belong to them.

In the United States, assets can be held by corporations, insurance companies, municipal governments, state governments and national or federal agencies. The assets held can be a result of old bank accounts, stock accounts, life insurance policies, trust funds, utility deposits, court held funds, or inheritances. The fund holders are required to contact the rightful owner, but many times are unsuccessful. This reason may be due to: a) change of address, b) wrong address c) change of name due to marriage or divorce d) death of original owner, guardian or custodian or e) owner simply losing track of financial matters.

Since the fund holders do not adequately reach out to make individuals and corporations aware of their assets, the majority of these assets are never claimed. Our company, National Finders Services Inc., provides assistance to clients who are usually unaware of the existence of these assets and unfamiliar with the complex requirements to claim them. Extensive work and resources are implemented on the owner’s behalf to realize full entitlement to these assets. With the assistance of NFS, many assets have been recovered and returned to their lawful owners.

Since its inception, NFS has recovered millions of dollars for individuals, small businesses and corporations. We enjoy a very high success rate in recovering assets for our clients. Clients are not charged for our services upfront and we never ask for personal information. We only receive a fair percentage of the funds at the conclusion of our services after the funds are recovered. We are looking forward to working on your behalf and hope you will enjoy the same success as so many others we have helped.

Jacob Wasserman – Founder

Sam Wasserman – President